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AASBCR® Strategy

The AASBCR® board’s strategy to protect retiree benefits is as follows:

  • Maintain a mutually supportive relationship with AT&T

  • Insure that AT&T contracts are adhered to as we understand them.

  • Build the largest possible AASBCR® retiree membership base in order to provide the maximum possible impact on retiree issues with governmental bodies and AT&T.

  • Use shareholder proposals to gain retiree issue recognition and attention from AT&T.

  • Influence and assist in the development of legislation (Independently and in cooperation with the NRLN) that will protect promised retiree benefits from shrinkage.

  • Extend our collective influence by being a member of the NRLN, learning from other NRLN members and providing support to the NRLN

  • Engage in Litigation as a last resort where a “cause of action” exists in the retiree benefit arena that affects a large number of retiree members.  This may occur if unanimously approved by the AASBCR® Board of Directors.

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