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Proudly working on behalf of retirees of the Bell System and successor companies of the New AT&T, located worldwide

The objective of  AASBCR® is the preservation and enhancement of pension, healthcare, and other benefits earned by retirees while employed by AT&T Ameritech /SBC and its predecessor and/or successor companies.  AASBCR® welcomes retiree members from AT&T as well as former Bell System companies including Ameritech, Bell South and Southwestern Bell companies. Furthermore, AASBCR® recognizes that the continued financial strength of AT&T  is critical to the achievement of the objective, and will therefore support the company and its  legislative agenda, when appropriate.

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Real World Issues

In this day and age, the security and stability of pensions and healthcare benefits can rightfully be called into question. Most of you know that changes might be expected with the full activation of the Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA) otherwise known as ObamaCare. You may have also seen some of what the new AT&T is doing with health insurance; costs being pushed onto retirees and real concern about whether company sponsored healthcare will survive as we now know it. There are similar issues with respect to retirees who took a pension instead of a lump sum. Consider what happened to United Airlines and GM employee pensions when shifted over to the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) and what the impact would be if that happened to AT&T retirees. It could be devastating because the PBGC, a U.S. government agency, provides only about 1/4 to 1/3 of an existing pension. The possibility of a merger with a “foreign “company, such as Lucent, taken over by the French company, Allcatel, or T-Mobile, now owned by the Germany company, Deutsche Telekom, also would pose additional obstacles to pension and healthcare benefits. This could happen because current laws don’t protect retirees as much as they protect companies.

How can AASBCR® help?

AASBCR® works to protect and strengthen pensions and to slow the spiraling costs of healthcare coverage. With your assistance this can be achieved. AT&T needs to hear our collective voices when it comes to healthcare and pensions and how ACA issues can be addressed. You can help AASBCR® work with AT&T on these issues. Just complaining about reductions in healthcare benefits or the lack of pension cost-of-living adjustments is not enough. Let your voice be heard, loud and clear, by joining the totally volunteer organization, AASBCR®. While it is hoped that members will actively participate on the various committees and projects, it is not a requirement for membership.