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This group provides a forum for the discussion of retirement and benefit-related issues relevant to retirees from AT&T, Ameritech and SBC. It is managed by members of the AASBCR® organization, an organization dedicated to helping AT&T, Ameritech and SBC retirees with retirement issues they have been unable to resolve on their own. You can learn more about AASBCR® by visiting

Benefit-related Posts Only

If your post is not directly related to AT&T benefit issues it will be removed.

Do Not Invite Others to Join

Do not submit others for membership. Each person must request their own membership and answer the questions regarding their pre-retirement telco experience.

No Nasty Comments

This site is focused on retirement and benefit-related issues and is not the place to make disparaging comments about AT&T or anyone else.

No Pictures, Death Notices or Political Opinions

There are other sites where posting of vacation photos, internet memes, old telco memories and death notices are encouraged. This site is focused on discussing retirement and benefit-related issues.

Anonymous posts are not allowed.

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