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You may send an email to to ask questions, send us comments or send us email address changes.  It is very important that you always notify us when you change your email address.


Additionally you may mail a letter via the US Postal Service to the following address:


AASBCR® Membership

P.O. Box 110355

Cleveland, OH 44111-0355




AASBCR® paying members only may also contact AASBCR® by calling (312) 962-2770 and leaving a voice message or sending a FAX.  Please listen to our message for instructions on how to leave a voice message or send a FAX. If you are interested in joining and have questions, you may also leave a message. AASBCR® does not have the manpower to contact retirees who are not now and do not wish to become paying members.


Though we have no paid staff to answer phones we try to respond as quickly as possible. Usually we will be able to respond within 48 hours of the receipt of your voice message.

AASBCR® - AT&T Ameritech/SBC Retirees
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AASBCR® - Membership
P.O. Box 110355 Cleveland, OH 44111-0355
(312) 962-2770

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