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AASBCR® - AT&T Ameritech/SBC Retirees

AASBCR© is dedicated to helping retirees from the companies that are now part of AT&T. We provide information and personal support on retiree benefits, we advocate with AT&T about retiree benefit issues, and we work with the National Retiree Legislative Network to lobby Congress for legislation favorable to retirees. We also maintain a private discussion group on Facebook, and offer grants and donations to organizations who benefit our members.

Our members live in 37 different states and at least one foreign country.

Founded over 20 years ago, AASBCR© is a volunteer-staffed 501(c)4 non-profit organization, supported by member dues and donations from all those who read our publications.

We have four to seven members on our Board of Directors, plus several other volunteers involved with membership, benefits, information technology, monitoring the Facebook group, and other administrative tasks. We are always looking for more helpers!

Join us! The greater our numbers, the stronger our voice!

AASBCR® - AT&T Ameritech/SBC Retirees
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