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What We Do...

  • Provide assistance to members who have benefit questions or are having problems working with 3rd party administrators of AT&T benefits. When necessary we present issues and anomalies to AT&T HR management for interpretation and resolution.

  • Maintain a relationship with AT&T HR in order to understand AT&T policies and to communicate retiree issues to AT&T, when required to resolve retiree and benefit issues.

  • Support AT&T in delivering profitable products and services to the market place.  A strong profitable AT&T is an absolute requirement for continued retiree benefits.

  • Provide you with automatic membership in the NRLN (National Retiree Legislative Network) which lobbies Congress for legislation that protects and benefits retirees.

We also provide "Breaking News" to members about threats to benefits, shrinkage of benefits and the negative and positive effects of legislation on retiree benefits using the following tools.

  • Email "Legislative Ledgers" for all legislative news reports, affecting retirees, on the national and state scene. Additionally we report NRLN initiatives and achievements, not covered by direct NRLN communiqués, related to all or any AASBCR® members' benefits (Health Care, Dental, Vision, Pension, Life Insurance, other).

  • Email "Blue Bulletins" when there are news items, changes or advice for members related to AASBCR® members' Health Care Benefits

  • Email "News You Can Use" some suggestions on retiree healthcare savings tips

  • Email "News Registers" for news items of interest to retirees which are not covered by Blue Bulletins or Legislative Ledgers and responses to frequently asked AASBCR® members' questions.

  • Email "Letters from the President" for special messages from the President of the AASBCR® Board to the membership.

  • Email "Letters from the Board" for special messages from the AASBCR® Board to the membership.

  • Email and Publish a "Quarterly Newsletter" to keep you informed about what the AASBCR® is doing on your behalf to fight for and protect your AT&T retiree benefits.

  • Maintain this AASBCR® website with internet links to valuable information useful to our members.

AASBCR® Strategy

The AASBCR® board’s strategy to protect retiree benefits is as follows:

  • Maintain a mutually supportive relationship with AT&T

  • Insure that AT&T contracts are adhered to as we understand them.

  • Build the largest possible AASBCR® retiree membership base in order to provide the maximum possible impact on retiree issues with governmental bodies and AT&T.

  • Use shareholder proposals to gain retiree issue recognition and attention from AT&T.

  • Influence and assist in the development of legislation (Independently and in cooperation with the NRLN) that will protect promised retiree benefits from shrinkage.

  • Extend our collective influence by being a member of the NRLN, learning from other NRLN members and providing support to the NRLN

  • Engage in Litigation as a last resort where a “cause of action” exists in the retiree benefit arena that affects a large number of retiree members.  This may occur if unanimously approved by the AASBCR® Board of Directors.

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