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  • Carole Lovell,
     President & Director of Membership & Benefits

    Carole Lovell. Started with Ohio Bell in Cleveland as a service representative. She had over 33 years with the company. She soon moved to the Marketing Department where she handled major business accounts. She was then placed in the Information Technologies Department and designed, installed, and managed internal data systems. Carole was part of a group of employees that received the Pinnacle Award in 1996. She participated in designing, testing, and implementing a workstation for a sight impaired employee.  After 60+ years of living in Ohio, Carole and her husband moved to Fort Myers, Florida in the summer of 2015.
  • Larry SmithLarry Smith,
    Vice President, Legislation & Regulation

    Larry Smith began his 34 year telecommunications career as a Commercial Representative at Illinois Bell. He then progressed through positions in Sales, Coin Operations, Marketing Product Management and Network Operations before moving to Ameritech Services Product Development and Ameritech Corporate New Business Development. He retired from Ameritech Wholesale in 2000. Following retirement Larry accepted a position as Vice President and partner of CyberObject a software development company based in Norcross, Georgia that serves the telecommunications industry. In 1986 Larry was awarded the Illinois Bell Alexander Graham Bell Award.
  • Chet PrzybyslawskiChet Przybyslawski,
    Vice President, CFO

    Chet Przybyslawski.  Bell System career of 37 years began with Illinois Bell in various craft positions. Five years were spent in a "management loan" assignment at the original AT&T and Bell Labs.  The final 25 years were spent in various Information Technology positions before retiring from Ameritech in 1996.
  •    Mary Foley
    Vice President, Communications

    Mary started her telephone career as a management trainee at Illinois Bell.  Over her 31-year career, she held a      
    variety of jobs in Operator Services, Public Relations, Marketing and Operations at Illinois Bell,  Ameritech                  Services and Ameritech International.  Following retirement from SBC Mary has worked as an                          independent  business  consultant and Myers- Briggs Instructor. She has also taught adult ESL classes at      College of DuPage. She is married and has two children and three grandchildren and lives in the western      suburbs of Chicago. 
  • Rich RungeRich Runge,

    Rich Runge started in PBX Installation with Illinois Bell in Chicago in 1957.  In 1968 he was promoted to PBX Engineering.  In 1984 Rich transferred to the General Trades Organization where he worked until 1987.  In 1989 he was transferred into the Ameritech PBX Contracting Department.  Rich "retired" from Ameritech while working in Hoffman Estates in 1992, after 35 years of service.
  • Martha Neville,
    Vice President, Technology

    Martha Neville began her 25-year telecommunications career in 1989 at Ameritech Services, where she held various leadership positions in Accounting and Information Technology. She went on to work at Ameritech New Media, SBC and AT&T.  Martha was one of the original members of the Ameritech New Media IT management team that launched the Americast cable TV platform for Ameritech, which was later sold to WOW in 2001.  She retired in March, 2015 and she currently resides in the western suburbs of Chicago.


Job descriptions

Article IV



Section 1         

Officers:  The officers of the Association shall consist of a Board of Directors numbering six as defined below. The elected Board upon being duly sworn in will choose the President of the Board.

Section 2          Duties, Vice-President Membership and Benefits.  The Vice-President Membership and Benefits shall:

a)       Maintain current membership and solicit new members. Prepare and track member dues requests.  Reach out to delinquent members in order to bring them back.
b)      Propose and develop AASBCR® policy positions on retiree benefits.  Monitor AT&T policy on retiree benefits. Maintain working relationship with AT&T HR.
c)       Work with Benefit Directors and AT&T HR to track, coordinate, and resolve member benefit issues and to respond to and resolve member benefit questions and issues.   
d)      Develop and suggest Blue Bulletin subjects which will provide significant information or address issues important to retirees.
e)      Participate as a member of the AASBCR® Board.


Section 3         Duties, Vice-President Legislation & Regulation.  The Vice-President Legislation & Regulation shall:

a)      Develop and propose positions regarding legislative and benefit issues.
b)      Develop Legislative Ledgers in order to communicate to members the impact of current and pending legislation.
c)       Participate on the NRLN Board as a representative of AASBCR® including membership on Legislative and Regulatory Subcommittees.
d)     Participate as a member of the AASBCR® Board.


Section 4         Duties, Vice-President Finance and CFO. The Vice-President Finance and CFO shall:

a)       Develop an annual budget with input from the Board.  Make recommendations to Board for budget modifications based on on-going results.
b)       Publish monthly financial statements for board review and approval. Publish Quarterly Budget Status reports.
c)      Receive and disperse monies, pay all bills, and record appropriately. Maintain accounts in Quick Books. Represent AASBCR® to Intuit regarding Credit Card processing.
d)      Represent the Association to all financial entities. Reconcile all financial accounts monthly.
e)      Prepare annual state and federal income tax returns.
f)        Update and maintain the membership list and distribute to appropriate Board members, State Representatives, and the NRLN. Collect membership renewals, changes and new membership information from PO Box and reconcile dues paid by credit cards with on-line credit card process.
g)      Establish, maintain and administer all AASBCR® domain email addresses and passwords. Monitor and clear accounts as required.
h)      Participate as a member of the AASBCR® Board.


Section 5        Duties, Vice-President Technology. The Vice-President Technology shall:

a)   Update and maintain the Website as needed for the Board and members of the Association. Investigate new web and other technologies as well as initiating website structural changes where needed.
b)   Provide technical expertise and support to both Board and Association members. This includes investigating technology options on behalf of the Board.
c)   Participate as a member of the AASBCR® Board.


Section 6        Duties, Vice-President Communications. The Vice-President Communications shall:

a)   Assure that all outbound communications from AASBCR® are In agreement with the principles of the Association and provide the appropriate focus and message. Maintain standard AASBCR® document formats.
b)   Review and edit all documents (Blue Bulletins, Legislative Ledgers, Newsletters and other communications to members) written by various SMEs and for publication by AASBCR®.
c)   Publish and distribute documents in electronic/paper format.
d)   Review and advise on public speeches made by Board members and other representatives of AASBCR® as requested.
e)   Participate as a member of the AASBCR® Board.


Section 7         Duties, Secretary.  The Secretary shall:

a)       Ensure accurate and sufficient documentation to meet legal requirements.
b)       Record minutes of meetings, ensures their accuracy, and availability, purposes policies and practices.
c)       Ensure that the records of the organization and official records are maintained as required by law. Maintain current documents at one site.
d)     Ensure that an up-to-date copy of the Bylaws is available at all meetings.
e)      Ensure that proper notification is given of directors' and members' meetings as specified in the Bylaws. The Secretary manages the general correspondence of the Board of Directors except for such correspondence assigned to others.
f)       May be designated by the Board of Directors and/or bylaws as one of the signing officers for certain documents.  May be the registered agent to receive legal notice to AASBCR®.
g)      Maintain annual calendar.
h)      Participate as a member of the AASBCR® Board.


Section 8          Duties, President.  The President shall:

a)      Set agenda and preside over Board meetings.
b)      Appoint committee members with Board suggestions and approval.
c)      Assure that all inbound communications to AASBCR® are acknowledged and handled by the appropriate Subject Matter Expert (SME).
d)      Review email and U.S. mail messages and respond or forward to appropriate SME.
e)      Be responsible for official correspondence and communications of the Association and be the primary spokesman for the Association. Negotiate on behalf of the Association.

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