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NRLN - National Retiree Legislative Network

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Retiree Associations Support NRLN As Their Strong Voice in Washington D.C.

The AASBCR® is affiliated with and supports the National Retiree Legislative Network (NRLN).  The NRLN is a non-partisan, grassroots coalition representing more than 2 million retirees who came to the NRLN from nearly 200 different U.S. corporations and public entities.  Retirees from 31 retiree organizations like the AASBCR® are among the current members.  NRLN is dedicated to gaining congressional support for the components of its Legislative Agenda, designed to modify federal laws to protect employer-sponsored pensions and benefits, and keep Social Security and Medicare strong.

Like all other NRLN retiree associations, the AASBCR® retains its independence, mission, website, and all member services while it gains the opportunity to shape the NRLN Legislative Agenda.  Our President is seated on the NRLN Board.  AASBCR® members are encouraged to sign up individually as NRLN members.  Doing so will add strength to a nationwide retiree lobby.

The NRLN’s lobbying on Capitol Hill is solely based on the merits of its proposals.  The NRLN does not spend one cent on wooing members of Congress or their staffs—no campaign contributions, lunches, trips, etc.  The NRLN’s lobbying is performed by its staff and Grassroots Advocates, people like you, who write and speak to their U.S. Senators and Representatives about retirement issues.

How Retirees Can Help Make A Difference

All AASBCR® members receive NRLN grassroots emails unless they opted out.  Members who opted out can rejoin the grassroots network database by signing up here.

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